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Cathy's Fantasy Pack 5pc Leopard

4 leopard cuffs W/48 inch nylon tie straps, and Blindfold

Gender Femalestraight, Femalegay, Malestraight
Color Multi-Color
Manufacturer Fantasy World Products

This 5 pc set includes: 4 plush leopard print restraint cuffs with built-in 48 inch nylon tie straps, and 1 matching blindfold. These slip cuffs are made without VELCRO to be more playful and less threatening. Just slip cuff over a wrist or ankle and attach the tie strap to anywhere comfortable for you. Cathys Blindfold is made from opaque nylon with two elastic bands to keep it comfortably in place, covering your eyes completely during fantasy play. The best fantasies are with your eyes covered V What will your lover do next? The anticipation heightens your senses and builds arousal.


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