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You Won't Believe 120 Pc Fishbowl

The worlds first water-based cream lubricant, safe, gentle, and

Flavor Vanilla
Manufacturer Boy Butter

We are proud to introduce the worlds first water-based cream lubricant. This is a whole new category of personal lubricant. This water-based product is formulated in much the same way most water-based lubricants are but it's blended with emulsifiers to give it that creamy look. <P>Instead of oils we have used vitamin e, aloe vera extract, shea butter extract and vanilla extracts, which mimic the desired characteristics of oils without the degradation of latex or any female irritation. <P>You Won't Believe It's Not Boy Butter lubricant has all the benefits of oil-based lubes without any of the drawbacks. It's the first and only cream lubricant on the market that is latex condom and vaginal safe. <P>Feels indistinguishable from oil-based lubes while washing off with just water.Great for masturbation, vaginal sex and anal sex, it's safe, hypo-allergenic, gentle, female friendly, edible, and non-staining.<P>Totally safe on all sex toys, rubber, glass and silico


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