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Boy Butter Lubricant - 8 oz

Edible coconut oil and silicone-based water-soluble personal lubricant

Gender Femalestraight, Malestraight, Femalegay, Malegay
Manufacturer Boy Butter

Coconut oil-based personal lubricant blended with an organic silicone ingredient. The coconut oil is mainly used in massage oils and organic silicone is mainly used in hair conditioners. These two ingredients are then combined and homogenized like real butter to create a water-soluble oil-basedcream lubricant, that is odorless and will outlast silicone based lubricants while washing off with water alone. <P> No more stains on surfaces or fabrics. No soap or afterwash required, just water. Boy Butter is odorless, safe, gentle, edible, and great inside and out of the body. <P>Totally safe on rubber, glass and silicone-based toys. Great for masturbation, anal, and limited vaginal sex, and makes an excellent hardcore S&amp;M lubricant. Boy Butter is also a great massage cream because of the coconut oil.<P>3 year shelf life and no refrigeration required.


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