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Want to spice up your solo action? Surround your cock with plunging thrusts of pleasure with our range of masturbators for men, some are vagina shaped, others cock shaped and some are bottom shaped.

The best - and most expensive - are made of smooth, soft materials like Cyberskin or silicone, and feel remarkably like human skin. However silicone and Cyberskin can be quite expensive, if you just want to give one of these a try, plastic or latex sleeves which are more reasonably priced. To keep these toys fresh, clean and effective for any length of time, we recommend a lot of lubricant and regular maintenance.

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Clone Your Own - Clone Your Own kits allow any woman to immortalize her vaginal lips just like the porn stars do! Is perfect for Bachelor Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Birthdays or any time you need a sexy gift!

Masturbators - Masturbators can be shaped like flashlights, mouths, anuses, realistic vaginas or their combinations, and are sometimes molded from the bodies of famous porn stars. Say goodbye to that old sock and hello to an inviting, seductive masturbator sex toy.

Masturbators in Disguise - Masturbators in Disguise range includes vibrating ultra soft inner sleeves. They are completely detachable for convenient cleaning. Masturbators in Disguise are great for keeping your privacy.

Masturbators Porn Star - Our collection named Masturbators Porn Star includes molded from the porn superstars vaginas and asses to satisfy your needs and help you stay relaxed. Most doctors recommend masturbation as a form of relaxation and stress-relief.

Maturbation Sleeves - Are you looking for something to provide texture and sensation when masturbating? Then masturbation sleeves are ideal. Masturbations sleeves are one of the easier sex toys to use. Whenever it is used, solo or with your partner, it can feel great and add a little spice to your sex life.