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We are proud to carry a large collection of personal massagers, intended for massaging muscles, as well as erogenous zones.

Used on its own, most personal massagers are non-penetrative device, but penis-shaped attachments allow using it as a penetrative sex toy for vaginal and anal stimulation. With a little imagination couples and singles can use these massagers for a full body experience from head to toes - and all the parts in between.

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Attachments & Accessories - There are many different types of attachments and accessories that have been designed for use with the personal massagers. Some popular designs feature a curved phallus-like shape, claimed to stimulate a woman's G-spot when inserted into the vagina.

Body Massagers - All our body massagers can be used as muscle massagers for soothing and relaxing sore muscles and nerves, relieving tension, rehabilitation after some injuries of muscles and bones, etc.

Palm Size Massagers - The present category relates to palm size massagers that may be held with one hand to massage body areas at different depths under skin with different magnitudes of pressure.

Rocket Style Massagers - In need of something small and discreet? Browse through our range of rocket style massagers, small enough for your pocket but powerful enough to massage the tightest spots.