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Lotions & Potions

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BESTLOVETOYS.NET offers a huge array of body care products. Our Lotions and Potions selection includes over 600 choices including anti stress lotions, Kama Sutra massage oils and body dust, stimulating gels duplicates and essential oils.

We have taken the brands picked from the rest of the best in terms of ingredients, quality, smell and, well, just general gorgeousness! Along with skincare products, we also carry a fine selection of sex toy cleaners.

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Aromatherapy - Boost your sex drive with our aromatherapy products. Whether you've been dating several months or you have been married for years, there are some wonderful aromatherapy options to spice up sex life in the bedroom.

Body Butter - Body Butter is great for spreading on your partners most intimate areas. Check our unique delightful range of body creams with rich buttery texture and taste-tempting flavors. The ultimate experience when you want to share a special closeness.

Body Dusts & Powders - Sprinkle these flavored Body Dusts and Powders on your lover's skin then use your tongue to lick and tickle your partners flesh for added delight and flavor. Body Dusts and Powders may also be used as a daily body powder or a delicate addition to bed sheets.

Creams - In this section you will find everything you need for a great sex life! We stock penis enlarge and erection homeopathic creams, vaginal and clitoral creams, oral sex balms, delay sprays and many more sex enhancers.

Gels - Flavored gels make oral sex easier and more enjoyable. These gels can improve your ability from giving ok or good oral sex to giving outstanding oral sex. Use these very flavorful gels to enhance your oral pleasure. Formulated or both male and female.

Lotions - Look through for a wide selection of sexual enhancing lotions to increase your bedroom pleasure. Products carried include body heat lotions, flavored oral sex lotions and pheromone massage lotions for her and for him.

Oils - A sexy blend of aphrodisiac, Kama Sutra and warming oils for intensifying the pleasure and sensations of your partner's erogenous zones. You can make yourself smell sexy!

Oral Strips & Sweeteners - A collection of Secretion Oral Strips and Sweeteners for her and him. Safely and effectively neutralize the salty-bitter taste of body fluids. Oral sex never tasted so sweet!

Sprays - A great assortment of sprays for women and men to enhance the pleasurable sensations of anal and oral play or anal intercourse. Prolong your pleasure and bring more satisfaction to your partner! All sprays are developed to protect the sensitive skin and to quickly relax the rectum.

Toy Cleaner - Sex Toys Cleaner is a must have accessory for anyone who loves playing with Sex Toys. These solutions contain anti-bacterial agents to keep your toys hygienic and clean.