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Erotic Furniture & Storage

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Find spectacular new ways of having explosively good sex with our Erotic Furniture & Storage collection specially built for sex. Our Erotic Furniture & Storage lines will help you experience new angles, sensations, positions and motions. We aim to help you find new and exciting ways to enjoy your lovemaking.

We've gone flat out to find great ranges of quality sex furniture and accessories to turn your bedroom into an adventure playground for naughty adults! Discover amazing positions you never thought possible! Add some bondage straps and you'll forget the missionary position ever existed!

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Bedding - A range of interesting and very versatile sex bedding that can help couples find the best position and enjoy the most amazing sexual experiences. Combining a sex pillow with other toys and accessories ensures that your love making will never be without a new angle!

Furniture & Inflatables - Want a bit more than just a leg up getting yourself into the right place? Why not treat yourself to an inflatable pillow that features a built clit stimulator, providing intense sexual thrills at the touch of a button. Nothing is left to chance and every whim or desire can be catered for with our rather fabulous selection of Furniture and Inflatables.

Liberator Shapes - Liberator Shapes range offers ramps and wedges; exciting and innovative designs, that take erotic pleasure to another level entirely and help you to explore more new positions while giving the ultimate in sexual stimulation for both you and your partner.

Sex Machines - Sex machines are very real, and designed to increase your love making prowess and enjoyment. Experimenting in love making is part and parcel of finding out what you and your partner like, and using a sex machine is a way of assuring that sexual satisfaction is achieved time and time again.

Sex Swings - Swing your way to sexual ecstasy! There's huge availability of sex swings, which are expertly designed to add complete freedom and adventure to your love life! Using a sex swing is a way of taking things to another level!

Shower Play - From cute suction hand cuffs to naughty vibrating mesh sponge, our shower play sex toys selection gives you all the sexy reasons you need to get into a lather! Splash out on a great gift!

Storage & Accessories - Some toys left to touch one another can have chemical reactions that destroy the toys and make them unsafe to use. That is why we recommend keeping them separated and offer to browse our storage and accessories range of bags and boxes to store your sex items in. Almost all with padlocks!

Stripper Poles - Have you ever fantasized about dancing on a stripper pole? Now you can purchase a stripper pole for your own home. Here you will find a range of portable stripper poles which can be assembled at your home within 5-minutes. Suitable for both beginners and professionals pole dancers.