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Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

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There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day. You could pick up trash, donate money to save the manatees, reach out and hug a tree, or you could get real eco-friendly with someone naked. With these environmentally sound sex toys, you'll hardly seem green in the sack. They may not be yo' mama's sex toys, but they are Mother Nature approved.

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Aluminum - Aluminum is a lighter metal than stainless steel, it doesn't feel so heavy. Each toy is anodized, which not only adds to the beauty, but increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust, and makes up about 8% by weight of the Earth's solid surface, so it is recyclable and safe.

Glass Balls - Glass Sex Toys are beautiful and functional. Here you will find glass balls and icicles anal beads many of which look like works of art. Glass sex toys retain heat and cold which adds an extra dimension when inserting these wonderful sex toys into body cavities. They are available in many shapes, sizes and colors and are very easy to keep clean and disinfected because glass is nonporous.

Glass Batons - Many people have allergic reactions to plastic and rubber products and glass batons will solve this problem. Finally, because glass toys are smooth, your favorite anal lube won't get all sticky and stick to the probe. Glass retains both cold and heat so you can warm it up or put it in the fridge to achieve the temperature you like best. Glass batons, because they are non-porous, are very hygienic and much easier to keep clean.

Glass Dildos & Dongs - Glass dildos and dongs are sleek, hard and can be very beautiful. They can be used either anally or inserted in the vagina for the maximum pressure. Glass dildos and dongs are manufactured in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are a fabulous addition to any person's adult toy collection.

Glass Plugs - Glass plugs are considered top of the line for any type of an anal probe. Because hand blown glass is non porous, the glass butt plugs are very easy to keep clean and free of bacteria. You can clean them with any antibacterial soap and warm water. This is extra important with anal toys.

Glass Vibrators - Glass vibrators can be very beautiful. If your glass dildo vibrates, it is now a glass vibrator. Most glass vibrators are made of Pyrex grade glass which means they can retain heat and cold for a period of time and are dishwasher safe. For this make sure your glass vibe is waterproof. Glass is also hygienically superior so it is easier to keep bacteria free. Once you use a glass vibrator you will never go back to any other material.

Rechargeable Vibrators - Imagine a vibrator that doesn't need new batteries. This section contains the best quality rechargeable vibrators available on the market. Many women find it difficult to experience orgasm and the added advantage with rechargeable vibrators is that they can deliver a constant vibration at a constant speed for the relevant amount of time to achieve orgasm.

Stainless Steel - A range of elegant stainless steel sex toys specially designed for g-spot and anal stimulation. Experience new feelings!

Wood - Wood is another material recommended for people who react to rubbers and plastics. All our wood items are hypoallergenic, durable, and easy to clean. Like metal and glass wood has a smoother feel than rubber, but its surface texture is unique and the weight of wood also changes the way the toys feel in use.