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No more lonely nights with our extensive sex dolls collection. Whether you're looking for a female or male fancy friend or simply want something for a hen or stag night, we have something for every need and budget.

We stock a vast range of quality discount sex dolls including life-size realistic dolls in both male and female varieties. Our high value range of adult sex dolls includes both solid and inflatable models made from latex, rubber or silicon. Whether you are looking for a life sized ultra realistic model or a cheap inflatable sex doll we have something just for you.

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Anime - Anime sex dolls are for those who have always wanted to take an anime character to bed! These love dolls are based on the characters from Japanese Anime art.

Celebrity & Porn Star - These celebrity sex and porn star dolls are made to replicate real porn stars look and body shape. Most of these dolls are made with realistic vagina molds from the porn stars.

Female - These female sex dolls usually include oral, vaginal and anal openings. Some of the more realistic love dolls feature vibrating orifices with realistic faces and hair; all are durable enough to support body weight.

Male - Looking for a male sex doll? We have male love dolls for every taste. These male love dolls usually include oral and anal openings, these dolls are either created after hot and sexy male models or celebrities.

Other - Feel the call of the wild or the call of the farm. Great for those moments when you want to get back to nature or have a great time at a party. They'll bring out the animal in you! Inflatable animal dolls usually include oral, vaginal and anal openings.

Transsexual - Once you start looking into the fantastic world of transexual dolls, you will not believe how lifelike they are. Their faces are incredibly beautiful with great soft mouths, their warm supple breasts, their round smooth asses and last but not least, their rock hard cocks that vibrates. Transexual dolls will turn your world around and keep on arousing, stimulate, and satisfy you over and over again.