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Traditional dildos and dongs are popular for their realistic designs. They're often used to add a bit of sexy to very average evenings. Used solo or in sensual evenings for more, dildos can be used to tease and tempt or downright satisfy!

Here you will find a great variety of dildos and dongs, in an exciting choice of sizes for both beginners and huge dildos for the more advanced users. Dildos and dongs are one of the first and original sex toys and still one of the most popular today.

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Clone Your Own - There is no woman or man who shouldn't have a clone of their favorite penis! There are seven ways to clone your own "willy". Each ingenious kit contains everything you need to make an exactly penis clone!

Double Enders & Dual Penetrators - Double the fun with double ended dildos you can find in our double enders and dual penetrators section. These dildos come in all shapes and sizes. Don't leave your partner out, use a double ended dildo to double your pleasure. Try out our dual penetrators for some extra fun.

Fist, Hand & Foot - Fist dildos are very popular sex toys. You will find in this section our best selling stimulators such as fist, hand and foot. There is no better way of enjoying a little self satisfaction that with one of our fist stimulators for a little extra fun.

G-Spot - G-spot dildos tend to be more curved at the end to help reach the g-spot, that most men claim they have never reached! If you haven't used a g-spot dildo then you really need to give them a try, we know you will love them.

Inflating & Ejaculating - Inflating and ejaculating dildos and dongs are so much like the real thing they have the ability to shoot their own load. The only difference between them and the real thing is that you'll have to do the reloading yourself. Otherwise give them a try and see the surprise.

Porn Star Molds - If you've ever wanted to feel what it would be like to take in a porn stars penis then our Porn Star Mold's collection is what you've been waiting for. These dildos are modeled using actual porn star penises and are ready and waiting to satisfy you.

Realistic Large - If you are ready to take in something bigger and thicker then you need to check out our Realistic Large dildo collection. These dildos are not made for the timid. These dildos are made for people that can never seem to get enough and just have to try taking in more. But beware these dildos are known to provide unending hours of pleasure.

Realistic Small & Medium - If you love the feel of a strong dildo inside you but are not sure how big of one you need then our Realistic Small and Medium dildo collection might be where you want to start. Our selection of small and medium realistic dildos includes real skin texture dildos that look and feel just like the real thing.

Unnatural - A really great collection of unnaturally thick and long dildos created for unimaginable deep pleasure.