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Planning a romantic evening does not have to be a stressful event. It can be fun and adventurous. You can use your creativity paired with your eroticism and you will have an evening to remember.

Create an atmosphere that lends to romance and that feeling when you first met each other, or that first kiss. Turn down the lights and let the candles light your fire. Set the mood with silky rose petals to sprinkle on your bed. After a soothing bubble bath, take turns rubbing massage oil on each other while listening to romantic love songs. We offer everything you need to make the evening perfect and unforgettable for your lover.

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Candles - Candles are a perfect gift for any home or occasion and create lovely atmosphere for a party, a shower, a romantic evening. Create warm inviting ambiance for your special occasion. Our scented candles come in a wide assortment of colors and fragrances.

Flowers & Pheromones - If you are planning a romantic evening, consider using flowers and pheromones to create a romantic setting. Just sprinkle the rose petals around the bed, bathroom, or living room floor, spray pheromones to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere, light a candle to set the mood and enjoy a romantic evening in.

Incense - In ancient times it was known that incense fragrances stimulate the capacity for love and eroticism whereas in modern times, science proved the link between some fragrances and the human pheromones. Enjoy the power of seductive incense fragrances with your partner. We carry most well known sensually stimulating incense: musk, patchouli, opium, vanilla. Create a romantic mood with these special pheromone powered incense sticks.