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Body Jewelry

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Search through our selection of intimate body jewelry such as clitoral clamps, nipple rings, belly chains, cock rings, and much more non-piercing body sets and accessories which could be worn on special occasions and only for that special person with whom you like to get intimate.

Body jewelry is an interesting way to add spice to your sexuality! Some body jewelry items hold meaning and significance whereas others are simply for beauty and adornment. Individual wearers can demonstrate their unique styles and personalities through their choice of body jewelry.

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Body & Sets - Our special range of sensual non-piercing intimate jewelry body sets. Best viewed with an open mind!

Clitoral - Extraordinary non-piercing jewels for your genital area attached by adjustable clip to avoid the pain of piercing! A discrete and intimate item for lovers to add a final touch of magic to a very special evening.

Nipple - Gorgeous, non-piercing nipple rings that will make you feel ultra sensitive and turned on! Slip them on and enjoy the feeling of cool metal lightly pinching at your skin. They feel great on and look very sexy.

Wrist - We have a wonderful variety of wrist jewelry to choose from. Some nice gifts for your lover!