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Bath & Body

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Our bath and body section was created for people who consider bathing more than just a way of getting clean, all of our bath and body products come in a variety of incredible fragrances and contain a balanced mix of nourishing ingredients to help you pamper your skin and soul.

Indulge yourself with our great range of bath and body products. Browse our bath and body collection to create your perfect bath-time atmosphere, with everything from scented lotions to bubble baths.

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After Bath - This unbelievable blend of high-quality after bath massage oils, lotions, hand and body souffles, does a wonderful job at revitalizing and softening skin.

Bath Time - Need to relax and release the stresses of the day? Why not give each other the ultimate bath and spa experience with a little skin pampering items from our bath time collection? Pick up one of Kama Sutra item and made your evening with partner not only relaxing but also very much romantic. Since ancient Egypt and Rome, bathing with essential oils was part of the ritual of preparation for lovemaking.

Colognes & Perfumes - A collection of colognes and perfumes for him and for her, delicately balanced to capture the essence of love. Formulated with pheromones to enhance sex appeal. Most of them act as a mood enhancers, increase sexual desire, elevate confidence and intensify sexual moments.

Cosmetics - Most women have a large amount of beauty products and would not dream about leaving the house without makeup. In our cosmetics range we stock beauty products which encourage romantic kissing and foreplay among couples.

Foot Care - You don't have to have a foot fetish to know the erotic power of a good foot massage! Our line of foot care foreplay lotions is the perfect way to give extra attention to that very sensitive erogenous zone. Relaxing formula of each product leaves feet feeling silky, sexy and kissably soft!

Hygiene & Intimate Care - In our hygiene, and intimate care section you will find items you need to maintain a high level of intimate hygiene before or after lovemaking. Also perfect for cleaning adult toys after passion.

Shaving & Personal Grooming - Whether you're getting ready for swimsuit season or just want to look your best in that sexy new thong, you've probably given some thought to removing the hair along your bikini line. Our selection of shaving and personal grooming items offers everything you need for comfort shaving of intimate areas. Shop from the comfort of your home or office for quality shaving and personal grooming products.