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As Seen on Oprah

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In one of the Oprah's show Dr. Laura Berman talked about the importance of a good healthy sex life as part of your overall happiness, general health and wellbeing. Self-stimulation, she said, is important for people not in a sexual relationship or those who are single to stay in tune with your body's and explore what turns you one. For couples, sex toys and mutual masturbation is a great way to keeps things interesting and spice up your sex life. It is time for women to become more sexually liberated, embrace your own pleasure and own your own orgasm!

We could not pass by her good advices and here are some of Dr. Laura Berman's adult toys featured on Oprah's show that can be brought into bed with your partner or used for self-exploration. As seen on Oprah adult sex toys designed by women for women, some of which shocked Oprah!

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