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Sex Toys can Spice Up Couples' Sexual Relationships

All love fairytales end with marriage but for some reason none of them begin with it. Is it an eventuality or a delicate hint of the wise men that nothing can be so fabulous in the marriage? Day by day, from one year to the next everything becomes more ordinary and less fabulous. Especially this everyday routine influences couples' sex life.

Sex and intimacy are crucial in a marriage. Sex is a potent and powerful tool to maintain lasting relationships among couples and a good sex life, no doubt, is a key of happy and health marriage.

Most relationships start pretty steamy and exciting. Marriage intimacy of newly married couples is outrageous and passionate. After a few years of marriage, one may notice that sex life is slowly starting to fade away. Couples just don't have sex anymore and when they do, it is awful. If you and your partner are in the same situation now this means that your couple goes through so called sexual rut. There are many couples who get caught up in the day to day routines of life and forget to tend to their own relationship's needs.

According to the report of The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction:

- 5% did not indulge in any intimate relationship with their partner in the past year

- 13% of married couples reported having sex a few times per year

- 45% reported a few times per month

- 30% reported 2-3 times per week

- and 7% reported 4 or more times per week

Maintaining the spark in your sex life is vital to keeping your relationship strong and your bond to your partner close. When your sex life starts to suffer, your marriage suffers.

Nowadays it appears that most couples have a non-sexual marriage. Married men and women just stop having sex! But it doesn't have to be that way. If you miss the intimate moments with your spouse there is help. Don't waste one more minute wishing things were different in the bedroom, change it now.

How to fix this problem?

Of course, identifying the problem is the first step to solving it. Communicate with your partner about what it is you want or need, why do you experience sexual problems. The key to a good sex life is communication. Once you have identified the root cause of why you no longer have sex, the next step is to fix it. You need to learn some ways to spice up your marriage and to get out of this sexual rut. There are many options available, including sexy outfits, sex toys and various ideas such as bondage and role playing.

Experts say that introducing some new elements to sex helps married couples to spice up their sexual life. They suggest bringing toys into the relationship. Sensual toys can be as simple as love lotions, intimacy games, or colored condoms. However, before incorporating any toys into your intimate love making be sure to talk to your partner first. Decide what you'd like to try and what you are comfortable with.

The reason toys are one of the best sex ideas for couples is that they serve so many purposes. With toys you can explore and learn how and what makes you feel good. The more you learn about yourself the easier it is for you to relay this information to your partner.

Don't be afraid to spice up your sex life with sex toys. Sex toys take things to a whole new exciting level and this is what you and your partner need. Save your marriage from turning out to be a sexless disaster, make your sex life more exciting and passionate! Don't be afraid to experiment!

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