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Celebrities and their sex toys

Let's face it, many of us fashion ourselves on celebrities. It may be their sense of clothing or their choice of social haunts, and even the cars they drive. So what if we could find out how they get down and dirty in the bedroom? Many female celebrities have openly admitted to the press that they partake in a little do-it-yourself action. Here are just a few starlets who are not embarrassed or ashamed of getting a little help.

Oscar-winner Halle Berry is a huge fan of sex toys. She admits to frequently visiting a special store which sells vibrators and sexy underwear to fulfill her needs.

Madonna as well likes experimenting in bed. Madonna and Guy Ritchie were seen carrying a Purple Penetrator in a clear plastic bag, this vibe that can be worn by one wearer to penetrate another.

Lindsey Lohan purchased 12 rabbit Vibrators online to send to her party pals, including Kate Moss.

Janet Jackson loves shopping for sex toys with her security guards. The 40-year-old singer insists buying sex aids helps her relax and she considers herself an expert on sex toys and often advises her girlfriends on which saucy ones to buy.

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria once told about her love affair with the Rabbit Vibrator. She revealed she did not begin enjoying sex until she started masturbating. Now she gives Rabbit vibrators to all her girlfriends.

Teri Hatcher, like her "Desperate Housewives" co-star, is also partial to a little sex-toy self-gratification. Teri revealed she have some fabulous electronics to use. Hatcher adds that if any woman claims she's sans the sex toys, she's lying.

Hollywood actress Anne Heche is a faithful promoter of the vibrator. Anne declared that vibrators are great - they save people from having stupid sex.

Ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton once has shocked the pop world with revelations that she enjoys herself of an evening with a kinky vibe, bought for her by her friend and fellow Ex-Spice girl Mel B.

Another Ex-Spice Geri Halliwell relies on vibrators for sexual pleasure (perhaps Emma and Mel B recommended them). She is a fan of The Rabbit Vibrators and often sends them to friends as gifts.

Myleene Klass, a television presenter and model, is another vibrator fun. She recently confessed that she and former Hear'Say bandmate Suzanne Shaw buy them as presents for each other.

Jenny McCarthy, Former Playboy Bunny and Actress, admitted that her favorite vibrator is the Pocket Rocket, and that she uses it several times a week.

Hip Hop Star Missy Elliott also turns to sex toys to satisfy her needs. She was so turned on by her Butterfly vibrator that she even wrote a song celebrating the wonders of vibrators called "Toyz", which contains the lyrics "I gotta bag full of toys and I don't need none of your boys!"

Glamour model Jordan was allegedly so attached to her vibrator that she tried to take it into the jungle when she appeared on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here". The model told the reality TV show's producers that she needed the sex aide to help "pass the time."

Living the Hollywood lifestyle doesn't always promise for a great sex life ? at least not always with a partner. So next time you are going to get something new let celebrity outfits and styles inspire you and do not forget the celebrities that are doing it for themselves with a host of sexy play things!