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In this section you can find a great choice of anal products for prostate stimulation, anal intercourse and masturbation. Items usually but not always penis shaped, designed to be inserted in anus and help men to experience more intense orgasms. Some of them may be battery operated.

Search through our amazing selection of anal products and remember to keep them clean!

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Anal Beads - We stock an exciting range of anal beads in this section. We are sure that our selection of anal beads will not disappoint both beginners and experienced anal sex lovers. Get our anal beads for many explosive orgasms!

Butt Plugs - Butt plugs are designed to stay put once inside the anus, usually diamond-shaped, with a tapered neck and a flared base. Vibrating or not, butt plugs are good for prostate stimulation or for a feeling of fullness. There are so many different types of butt plugs in section that it may be hard for you to choose just one. Who said you need only one butt plug, anyway? Buy several!

Hygiene, Enema & Douche - There are definite hygiene risks involved in anal play and anal sex so please take extra care. In our Hygiene, Enema & Douche section you will find all accessories you need to maintain a high level of hygiene, so you can relax and enjoy the extra pleasurable sensations you will receive from anal play!

Lubes, Lotions, Sprays & Creams - Very often a lack of lubrication can hinder sexual desire and pleasure. Enhance your pleasure with sexual lubricants. We offer a wide range of anal lubes, lotions, sprays and creams including desensitizing sprays and wipes, silicone or flavored, oils that have been specially designed to supplement the body's natural moisture.

Probes, Sticks & Rods - Buy one of our anal probes, sticks and rods we stock in this section and be ultimate in anal pleasure. Both beginners and experienced users will find here probes, sticks and rods of different colors, sizes and shapes.

Prostate Massagers - A grate selection of prostate massagers including vibrating stimulators specifically designed for massage of the prostate gland. May be used by men solo, or as a couple's sex toy. Prostate massagers stimulate the prostate for a more intense orgasmic experience. However most of them can also be used for Prostate Milking - the release of painfully trapped fluids.